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Debris, a collection of 9/11 photos

(see below for boeing part found on hood of car near the WTC.)


jet plane wtc tower 9-11
evidence 9-11no debris ?

before planted evidence 9-11
september 11

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Boeing debris piece found on hood of car by policeman on 9/11

Is this from flight 11 or 175? is it from a 767 ?

Can anyone identify this part ?

to my knowlege this evidence has not been entered into the FEMA database.
We may never know if the FBI ever bothered with it either?
september 11 evidence FBI

Original fom this video...
A look at the World Trade Center tragedy through the eyes of a CNN cameraman (Sept. 12)

www.cnn.com/video/us/2001/09/12/natpkg.cameraman.cnn.med.asx (direct)

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world trade center evidence september 11th 2001 Boeing WTC Plane part Boeing WTC 9-11 Plane Part
Here are stills (enhanced) i did from the video

Boeing debris piece 9-11 Boeing number Boeing flight 11

Original video still september 11 flight 175
Boeing 9-11 hi res image
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I used photoshop to change the brightness and saturation levels, i did not change any details though.

In the video stills, the second number on the bottom looks to be a "3", not a "5" as in the photo from CNN ?

Photo found here...
Boeing WTC debris part September 11

(from a post at "letsroll911)
It's a serial tag from a Boeing found on car hood at the wtc sight guarded by a police officer.
The pic looks authentic,but then again what do I know.
Any who,it said"Boeing CSTG 23071G5-2 "It's a clear pic but dirt all over the place.
(posted by "

" at letsroll911,org )
letsroll911 forum discussion

part 2

Does it really say....
CSTG 23071G5-2 ???

This is what it looks like to me...

Boeing CSTG

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